akupunktur-ve-uygulama-alanlariThe word acupuncture needles money is immersed (Acus Punctum). Needles, selected according to the technological characteristics of the material period in the first period (thorns, sharpened stones, etc.) were produced. Later in the golden age, it made of precious metals such as silver. Today, in terms of ease and cheapness are used steel needles in acupuncture points are selected various combinations depending on the patient’s disease. Combining acupuncture points and channels that energy to flow through “meridians” is called. Out of these meridians, “three” is the name given life energy flows. This channel is the source of the obstruction disease. However, according to the chemical transmitters that influence disease states (sometimes days, sometimes endomorphy serotonin etc.) farklıdır.tedav is applied with 12-15 sessions per week is 1-3 20-30dk.dır.tedavi time off frequency. Needles are sometimes applied to improve the electrical current efficiency (Electroacupuncture).
The first publication on the acupuncture was published in the Lancet in 1823.

Acupuncture and obesity
Acupuncture center of a substance called serotonin to accelerate the metabolism by increasing the concentration of the nervous system. Acupuncture activates the hypothalamus name obese satiety center in the brain. In addition, by stimulating a nerve in the ear with ear acupuncture branch, it was observed that suppresses appetite. Acupuncture on the body weight loss with serum total cholesterol, triglyceride and LDL cholesterol level reduction is achieved. Acupuncture treatment to suppress the appetite of obese, plasma formed by fat melters effects of beta-endorphin level rise (lipolytic effect), while rising energy storage is suggested that plasma glucagon activates. Plasma serotonin, endorphins and psychological support provided by the rise in enkephalin levels, therefore, is believed to cause weight loss.

Acupuncture in Pain Treatment
Certain substances in the blood rising to the effects of acupuncture (endorphins, etc.) plays an active role in pain relief.
Neck, back, and affects the cessation of pain in the knee much more pain.

Acupuncture Treatment of Non
The purpose of acupuncture for smoking cessation is to try to redress the lack of state emerged in the early days. Also eat more, nervousness, also war with symptoms such as lack of concentration. Acupuncture or prevent the emergence of this problem or tries to resolve emerging.
24 hours after quitting smoking decreases the risk of heart attack. Fifth year heart attack risk in half the risk of a smoker. The tenth year is on par with any one nonsmoker.

IVF Acupuncture Treatment

IVF is one of the major factors that hinder the success of applications that occur in mothers stress and endometrial hold on to settle after the transfer of the fertilized egg (the inner layer of the uterus) called to ulaşamamasıdır.akupun adequate vascular maturity and the thickness of the endometrium contribute to reaching sufficient maturity.
Acupuncture regulatory effect of increasing the resistance to stress mothers. Thus IVF is treated with acupuncture before and after the mother of success of candidates has increased more than blind acupuncture treatment.

Dr. Cemil Mantas
Immunologists, Acupuncturist